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  • (Ref 203Y2) ALDE HEATING 3010-315 Load Monitor Caravan Motorhome

(Ref 203Y2) ALDE HEATING 3010-315 Load Monitor Caravan Motorhome

  • Brand: ALDE
  • Product Code: 203Y2
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Tags: ALDE, 3010-315, Load, Monitor, HEATING

ALDE Load Monitor

  • MPN 3010-315
  • 3010-246 code is the same part as 3010-315

If you have ever tripped the electric circuit whilst on a campsite, this is the perfect device for you. When you reach the campsite put into the system the available power (KW). This monitors the load being drawn from everything in your caravan / motorhome and if it starts to get close or exceeds the allowable amount for that campsite, it will limit the amount of power available to the Alde boiler system so not exceed the amount available.

An example is if you only have 2KW of power available and then you put on your toaster and kettle at the same time. This together with the normal boiler draw would normally trip the circuit. However, with the Alde Load Monitor fitted the draw from the Alde boiler is reduced down so not to trip the circuit.


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