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AL-KO Axle Shock Absorbers

The best shock absorber for your chassis

For a long time drivers have been worried about trailer vibrations on uneven roads. Until now, conventional standard shock absorbers have barely delivered a noticeable improvement on driving safety. They are designed for a weight range that is too large (for example 0 to 4.0 t). Optimum damping was only achieved at medium trailer weights (2.0 t). Damping in the lower weight range is excessive, causing trailer bumps and jolts, while the damping in the upper weight range is inadequate. AL-KO Octagon axle shock absorbers on the other hand improve the trailer's drive characteristics and provide optimum damping – thanks to precise, weight based, tuning.

Your advantage:

  • Ideal damping
  • Direct reduction of dangerous jolts
  • Greater driving stability
  • Greater braking stability
  • Optimum ground contact

(Ref 277) AL-KO 1293890 SHOCK ABSORBER A3-90-42 BLACK

(Ref 277) AL-KO 1293890 SHOCK ABSORBER A3-90-42 BLACK


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